Wake Up To Flavour
Wake Up To Flavour
Wake Up To Flavour

Wake Up To Flavour

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This combo is only fulfilled every Thursday, and require advance order notice of 1 day.

Get freshly baked sourdough courtesy of Bespoke Bread and our classic Ménage à Trois delivered to your doorstep! Select between two flavours of sourdough.

It's a whole new breakfast spread - receive all flavours of Loaded Gun's artisanal dips and spreads in 3 x 100g jars or our effing fabulous 220g's, with banging flavours like Sweet Miso Cashew Cream, Carrot Kimchi Hummus & Kombucha BBQ Pinto Bean. 

Select your flavour:

Wholemeal ~750g

Look out for the tiny specks of wholemeal grains that will spark joy in every bite. Just 20% of wholemeal is our sneaky way of putting in more goodness into your regular sandwich loaf. 

Roasted Garlic ~770g family-sized loaf

Earthy and spiced. Sweetly softened smoky cloves of white garlic, spiced with fresh springs of rosemary and thyme. A timeless combination, that never goes stale with garlic lovers who want a big garlic kick outta their cloves.

Bread is best consumed within 3 days. Otherwise, slice and freeze for up to 6 months. Do not refrigerate, as this hardens the bread. To reheat, spritz with water liberally and enjoy lightly toasted.