Ultimate Boochy Brunch
Ultimate Boochy Brunch
Ultimate Boochy Brunch

Ultimate Boochy Brunch

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Enjoy a feel-good brunch filled with all the vibes - made fresh by three local artisans.

Moon Juice's fizzy, fresh kombucha will get the party started while toasted sourdough waffles in 2 flavours, served up with our zany trio of dips, make a brunch to remember for family or friends.

Choose to add on our psychedelic vegetable patties (marked at 10% off).

This combo is good for 2 to 4 pax. It includes:

3x 350ml Moon Juice Kombucha

  • Big Sur (Blue Spirulina)
  • Hey Tony! (Strawberry Mint)
  • Moonpie (Passionfruit)

6" Crispy, light and airy sourdough waffles by Very Good Dough:

  • 1x Truffle Mushroom & Cheese
  • 2x Plain

Ménage à Trois, Loaded Gun Kitchen's signature trio of dips & spreads:

  • Miso Cashew Cream
  • Carrot Kimchi Hummus
  • Kombucha BBQ Pinto Bean

Storage & Instructions

Kombucha is best consumed within 2 weeks from date of purchase. Store in fridge. Serve cold.

Toast waffles at 180 degrees C for 4-5 minutes or until crispy. They can be frozen if not being used right away.

Dips should be stored in the fridge. They are good for 14 days from date of purchase.


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