Umami Platter

How is the Umami Platter different from the original Home Dining Platter?

We curated this latest offering for ultimate Umami flavour. The change from a plain, wholemeal sourdough to a roasted garlic loaf gives you a big burst of that unctuous flavour profile. The dips are freshly-made and packed with tons of flavour from vegetables, dishing up umami in every single bite. The salmon is hot-smoked to perfection after enjoying a 2-day brining process. Mouthgasm, anyone?

Can I purchase the platter and choose to enjoy it on another day?

Yes. The dips last 14 days from day of delivery, and you can choose to freeze the bread (thaw it and heat in the oven when you’re ready to eat). The salmon lasts for 3 months if the vacuum seal is unopened.

Can I freeze the dips?

We do not use preservatives in our whole-foods, freshly made dips. We therefore don’t recommend freezing as the dips are meant to be enjoyed as close to the date of production as possible.

What else can I make with the dips?

We developed a dairy-free potato salad using our Miso Cashew Cream and T.I.T.S Smoked Salmon here.