Umami Bomb Cashew Cream
Umami Bomb Cashew Cream
Umami Bomb Cashew Cream
Umami Bomb Cashew Cream
Umami Bomb Cashew Cream

Umami Bomb Cashew Cream

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Roll the dice. Take your chances with this tasty b*tch, a wild-card flavour bomb that fills your mouth with huge layers of complexity.

Blended cashews and house-made cashew milk with dates give a delightful sweetness, while organic white miso, roasted red capsicum, caramelised onion and special, Singapore-smoked spices lead to jumped-up, full-bodied pizazz.

This is addictive, can’t-put-down-able dipping joy.

By the way, I am vegan, gluten-free & dairy-free.

Modify Me

Great as a straight-up dip. Use as a pizza spread, or add some dijon mustard & light coconut milk to make a healthy salad sauce (goodbye balsamic vinaigrette!). Check out our recipes section for more recipe ideas.

*This product is vegan, gluten & dairy-free

Sweet Miso Cashew Cream
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