Kick-Ass Carrot Kimchi Hummus
Kick-Ass Carrot Kimchi Hummus
Kick-Ass Carrot Kimchi Hummus
Kick-Ass Carrot Kimchi Hummus

Kick-Ass Carrot Kimchi Hummus

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Are you ready to experience wild dancing, dangerous sweats, and mouth explosions? 

This Kick-Ass demon child was born from rage, when something unholy guided our hands. We took a classic hummus and mated it to our Home-Made Vegan Kimchi, made from carrots cooked in our house broth and fermented in our larder for over 2 weeks to help it achieve a delicious funk.

The result is a diabolically punchy trip with a mean mouthfeel. It is a mad, mind-f*ck brew that will bring you to the Temple and renounce all you knew.

This product is vegan, dairy-free & gluten-free!

Modify Me

Our favourite way to enjoy this dip is with carrot sticks! If you're feeling fancy, add oil and you've got yourself some pasta sauce. Feeling handsy? Add some serious flavour to croquettes.

*This product is vegan, gluten & dairy-free

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Kick-Ass Carrot Kimchi Hummus
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