Treat yourself

Treat yourself
In a society that teaches us to focus on long term goals and to create healthy habits that contribute towards these goals (meditation and all that jazz is neat for increasing focus & productivity and we stan for it ✨), sometimes, a healthy dose of instant gratification and actions that don’t necessary contribute towards your long term goals have actually proven to be healthy too - in small doses!

For example, you’ve set a goal to eat at home more (because, health is the best currency we have) but you’re really craving tacos from that mexican place you’ve been stalking on instagram. What we need to recognise is as long as our mindset is still focused on the big picture (meaning, healthy, homecooked meals maybe 80% of the time) and allowing ourself to mindfully recognise that we are treating ourselves with these tacos - such behaviors and actions actually hold the power to increase our happiness and lead to a higher sense of well-being.

Life is all about balance so if you’re thinking of checking out that new mexican place, having a gigantic glass of wine or taking 5 minutes to just sit and do nothing, we say, be gentle with yourself and go for it baby!

Wishing everyone a vibalicious Monday 💕

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