Treat yourself
Be gentle with yourself. Short-term pleasures can actually bring you long-term happiness, if you know how to access it correctly. And we're all about that instant dopamine hit in healthy doses.
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Cora Lee: The 'fun mom' with a six-pack
Cora is one of the women who has always surprised me with her ingenuity and knowledge of her body.

Many or us here are, I've observed, struggling with eating in some way or another. Whether it's trying to go more plant-based, or finding a balance in eating carbs (good for the brain! but could make it harder to get a six pack ha ha), we’re all trying to find a healthy relationship with food. Cora seems to have found a good balance.

My favourite line from her? “I want my kids to remember me as a “fun mom” who occasionally has a piece of cake with them. That’s better than being remembered as “the no-fun mom with the six-pack”.
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How Yoga changed my life

Yoga has had a big impact on my diet, overall well-being and life in general.
Every time I step on the mat, I learn a new lesson.
Yoga has taught me that my relationship with my body is as important as any other relationship in my life. It has taught me what it means to breathe deeply and how to connect with myself more.
Here’s to celebrating yoga - yoga for any body... and to eating good food while you're at it!

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Plant-Based Camembert: A new world order
When we first met Damian Piedrahita and Claudia Comini, we were immediately intrigued. Then, they had already developed 4My and its signature plant-based Camembert cheese! Yes, it has a rind and all. Yup, it is deliciously buttery and has a...
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